Our Playful Bromely Project Reveal

Well this project reveal has literally been written and re-written about 5 times. Its been a crazy month and I'm glad we are getting back on a normal routine over here. It's crazy how helpful patterns and routine are to all of us in my household. How do we even manage without them??? Clearly we don't.

My clients from the #bromelyproject happened to be a fellow La Costa Canyon Maverick Alum and happened to live in my best friend's childhood home (which we learned about later). Showing me how small this world we live in actually is. They had this awesome little room smack down in the middle of their home. It originally was an atrium, then turned office (thanks to some knowledge from my best friend), then turned playroom. But they wanted to update it and create an awesome space for their two boys to learn and grow. I think we accomplished just that blending in everyones wants... Toy storage, custom built in, a place to hang and let creativity run wild. Take a peek and let me know what you liked best in the comments.


How to Style a Coffee Table

Coffee Tables. Your home's first impression. Styling your coffee table is like putting the personality of your home on display for all to see. It can be daunting, as it is a key design element in your living space. But styling a coffee table can also be a lot of fun. Today's post is filled with tips and tricks to styling a coffee table that you and your home can be proud of. 

One of the easiest ways to add personality and color to your coffee table is with books. Coffee table books provide great conversation starters. Entertainment, art, sports, photography, food and wine, history, botanicals - there are so many different topics to choose from. And, almost always discounted and available for free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime (just sayin'). 

A few of my go to coffee table accessories include decorative bowls, vases and trays. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also add balance and dimension to an otherwise flat surface. Not to mention they also can house a few remotes or a set of drink coasters, which free's up space for more pretty things. 

See more of our Lang Ranch Project

See more of our Lang Ranch Project

And by pretty things, I mean those finishing pieces that really take your coffee table to the next level like paperweights, magnifying glasses, candles, beads, games (tic tac toe, anyone?), etc. With these decorative accents, you can really have some fun. Source metal objects in brass, nickel, or copper or choose from natural elements like marble to introduce texture and additional visual interest.

Finally, no coffee table is complete without fresh flowers, plants or succulents. Including these living, breathing accents not only adds color and texture, but also improves the air quality within the space. It's a win win! 

Ready to style your coffee table? We sourced a few items to get you started. Click on the images to be directed to their individual product pages. Happy shopping!

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Modern Mid Century Project Reveal

Hey Guys! We are back with a new project reveal. We are calling this our #Modernmidcentury Project. My Client came to me wanting a brighter and better living room. We wanted to blend the modern style and mid century style she loved so much. Take a look and let us know what your favorite part is!

Hidden Hills Ranch Project Reveal Part 4

Oh my goodness guys! What a week its been revealing our Hidden Hills Ranch Project. We have gotten so many great responses so far and there is still the out doors entertaining area to show off. My clients LOVE to entertain and their backyard is PERFECT for it so we decided to add a dining and lounge area where friends and family can come and relax. 

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Hidden Hills Ranch Project Reveal Part 3

Today we are showing you the playroom and Living room area. The playroom was especially fun since I only have boys and this playroom was for the most precious, energetic little girl. This little girl was so lucky to have a whole space to herself to enjoy and learn in. We first painted the brick white and opened up the walls from the dining/kitchen area and that made a huge difference.  This picture was taken from the dining room area where a huge wall once was. Opening it up made every room flow into each other and feel inviting. 


The Living area is right on the other side of the dual fireplace and since their daughter had a place for herself, we wanted to make sure to have an adult space that felt comfortable and great for entertaining. 


Check back here tomorrow for one last reveal and a look into their outdoor space for dining and entertaining.