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  • Lindsey Borchard

Family Room + Dining Nook: North Ranch

Family rooms are always a favorite space to design because they are typically the room our clients spend their quality time in. In our North Ranch Project, the family spends a great deal of time in their front living room as their eldest son is a musician, but the family room is where they watch TV.

Although the majority of the house just completed a huge renovation, some of the final details were saved for the final phase. Currently, the family room layout is a little unusual, but we have plans in the future to open up walls to create a more open floor plan, bumping out an addition and opening up to a sprawling kitchen. We needed to craft an inviting, comfortable hang out spot for the family that flowed with the rest of the home until Phase III of the project kicks off. Because we have plans to renovate, we didn’t want to splurge on too many pieces in here, so we reused a few key items the family had before. We reused their sofa and brought in some key pieces to add some interest and update the space over the next few years. This is definitely the room we saved on the project, knowing these pieces may no longer work in the future space. Our main priority was comfort – we wanted it to be warm, inviting, and plush.

In the adjoining breakfast nook, we gave it a much needed facelift. The family previously hadn’t utilized this space at all, so we were excited to give it real purpose. We made a custom bench to provide flexible seating, and worked with our upholstery team to create a bespoke bench cushion covered in Crypton performance fabric. We knew this would become the every day dining area for the kids, we made sure the upholstery would be highly durable and easy to clean. To finish off the space, we sourced some really fun art to give that contemporary edge the husband loves paired with more timeless but colorful textiles the wife loves.

If you haven’t seen it yet – make sure to check out the full video tour here!


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