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  • Lindsey Borchard

Sharing One of Our Favorite Design Secrets

When we post any images whether on social media or on our website, we often get asked “Where did you get that?,” or “can you tell me who makes that?”.

Most of the time we can’t share our sources because that our clients are paying for a unique design. That’s also part of the secret of what makes us unique as designers. BUT today is YOUR lucky day because I am sharing a brand that we have been using from the very beginning along with some of the key things we look for while sourcing new vendors!

As designers, we spend countless hours, money and effort to learn about each of the brands we use to make our amazing designs come to life. This is no easy task; going to markets and doing your research takes time and sometimes you don’t know exactly what you are looking for in a brand. We have learned a lot through trial and error about what we now look for in brands we want to put in our clients home.

These are boxes all brands must tick off before we even think about using them:

Products must offer contemporary, beautiful design that is well made, with quality materials.

Company is forward thinking and is a partner to interior designers who want to provide high-quality pieces at a great price point. (You wont believe how many price levels there are with manufactures based on your business). This helps us get the BEST pricing for our clients!

Customer Service is set at a high standard. Having a dedicated sales rep or team for interior designers is even better.

Damage levels are low, and how they deal with damages (because they do happen) is SUPER important.

Where they ship from. Companies are local to us help us keep shipping costs and damage levels low.

Enter Essentials For Living. A brand that checks off all these boxes! We have worked with this company from the very beginning of Lindsey Brooke Design and absolutely love everything about them. Not only are their designs beautiful, contemporary and transitional, but we can literally shop for every room of the house with this brand on one website/catalog.

We literally cant get enough of these Tapestry Counter Stools. We styled them in our #hermosabeachremodel to show you how they can instantly add character and texture to a space that is classic and neutral. The stripe detail adds another element of design that is just the right amount of fun to the space. Not only are they gorgeous but comfortable and so well made.

We have also used their Stella 1 drawer nightstand seen below our #Californiatraditonal project.

And we are currently placing the Strand Shagreen 3 drawer Brushed Gold nightstands, Loom Arm Chairs, Loom Bar Stools, and Web Outdoor Club Chair in homes we haven’t even finished yet.

See, I told you we loved this brand! So you wants the deets???

Check out their amazing product HERE.

To sign up for their trade account, click HERE.

Be sure to sign up for their newsletter to receive information about new products, market events and more. You can do that by clicking HERE.

And lastly, follow @essentials_for_living on Instagram for beautiful, inspiring images HERE.

*While this is a sponsored post, our opinions are 100% ours and true to how we feel about the brand. Lindsey Brooke Design only does collaborations we feel 100% about. Essentials For Living was a natural fit and we are so excited to be able to share our love of them with all of you.


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