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Why We Go Custom

Curating a unique combination of furnishings, art, and accessories begins long before we meet with a client for the first time. Since the early days of Lindsey Brooke Design, we have been working to create relationships with manufacturers and trade vendors to ensure that we are always presenting the best options to our clients. Over the years, we have a learned a lot about customer service, quality control and how to find the companies who share our high standards. Through our relationships with our trade and custom partners, we are able to ensure that the highest level of service and care goes into the manufacturing and delivery of the products.

California traditional living room

The most obvious benefit of using going custom on a piece is the one-of-a-kind quality they bring to a space. Our clients seek us out for a specific look, but that doesn’t mean they want their own home to look like every other image on Instagram. For that reason, we only source trade products that are not sold to traditional retailers. Custom products take that idea one step further and ensure that our projects have a truly bespoke feeling. From reupholstering pieces in a high-performance, family friendly fabric, to ensuring the perfect window nook fit - custom is the key to a truly one of a kind design.

Products should not only look great, but should perform well. Our long-standing trade relationships mean that we can offer better quality products at prices that are comparable to retail options. We have already done the leg work to ensure that the product and the service will be top-notch, but if there is a problem, we know that our vendors will work with us to remedy it. Here at LBD, we LOVE our workroom for so many reasons: their commitment to quality, their creative solutions, and their sustainable practices.

Custom window seat

Custom pieces are critical to true problem solving for our clients. By taking a very specific need into consideration, they become a true marriage of form and function that simply cannot be found on the floor of a big-box retailer. An extra-deep sofa to accommodate a tall client or a modular storage piece to organize thousands of LEGOs are just two examples of the enhanced quality of life that custom furnishings can bring to a home.

So many of our clients are seeking to source sustainably and responsibly-made products, and we've found that going custom allows us to supervise and ensure just how ethically made these pieces are. The same is true for products made domestically versus overseas, and the companies who are transparent about their labor practices. Knowing exactly how and where a product is made and by whom can offer great peace of mind to anyone who is concerned about spending money and furnishing a home in an ethical way.

modern bedroom design

More recently, we are seeking to work with companies who are willing to promote social justice through equitable business practices. When a diverse group of people collaborate, their collective voice and experience is reflected in the final product, which helps give a space an elevated, collected feel. Not to mention, we seek to be a company that promotes and values the voices of all people.

Finally, creating custom furnishings often can cut back on design hours. When our team isn't searching and sourcing for the "not-quite-perfect-but-it-will-do" piece, we can often log more hours than it takes to design the perfect custom piece. In turn, going custom for a tricky item in your home can actually be a more cost-effective option, with the perfect result. There is simply no substitute for the ability to take part in the design process, increase the quality of the product while reducing the costs, and ensuring that a product meets the ethical standards of the client.

If you are interested in learning more about how our design services can elevate your home for the new year, please submit a new client inquiry form. We'd love to chat!


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