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  • Lindsey Borchard

2022 Interior Design Trend Forecast

Our signature style will always be a refined take on California casual, but it's fun to think about how to incorporate interior design trends into our work while maintaining our aesthetic. Overall, I think the next year will be defined by bolder choices and more color, with an emphasis on outfitting our homes exactly as we need them.

2022 interior design trends

Design by Bria Hammel Interiors | Photo by Spacecrafting

Color Trend: Red

White kitchens will always be in vogue, but we've seen lots of color on cabinetry, especially shades of gray, green, and taupe. Fueled by last year's dusty purple/burgundy trend, I think we'll see more shades of red on the scene in 2022. It's a color that's certainly not for the faint of heart, but the right shades can work really well in a mostly-neutral space. If you're willing to take the plunge, it can be a fun one to try on cabinetry in a mudroom, laundry room, or bathroom.

2022 interior design trends

Design by Jake Arnold | Photo by Michael Clifford

Furnishing Trend: Organic Shapes

Choosing a sweeping, curvy line over a piece with a square, angular shape will instantly update your space and offer some movement and interest. Decidedly feminine, round curves or details like scallops bring balance to a room that is filled with right angles, and even one piece can bring that softer, 70s vibe.

2022 interior design trends

Textile Trend: Brown

Color trends tend to have about a ten-year lifespan, which means that gray is on its way out, and that good old brown is back as nature-inspired neutral. Obviously it pairs really well with wood-toned furniture, and I especially like it on a really tactile fabric like these leather chairs, but also corduroy, mohair, and velvet, where the deep tone gives off really rich, cozy vibes. It's great in space where you want some contrast as it's softer than black.

2022 interior design trends

Design by Iconic Design + Build | Photo by Kevin Brost

Lighting Trend: Small-Scale Fixtures

A group of smaller fixtures can have the same dramatic effect as a large one, and I'm here for that shift. Basically more visible versions of can or recessed lighting, this is a great choice when you need to spread the lighting source throughout the space, like a kitchen. The key here is to choose something shapely that is simple enough to look good en masse, but still has a strong aesthetic and looks good even when the switch is off.

2022 interior design trends

Courtesy of Himlekök

Kitchen Design Trend: No Upper Cabinets

European kitchen design is definitely trending in the United States, and one of the hallmarks is the lack of upper cabinetry. This isn't super-new, as we've been seeing uppers replaced with open shelving for years now, but I think we'll see even less of that in favor of open space. The look won't be for everyone, as you'll need either extensive storage elsewhere or a very minimal approach to kitchen wares, but if it works, it offers a lovely visual breathing space and a very clean aesthetic.

2022 interior design trends

Spaceplanning Trend: Closed-Off Spaces

We all learned the hard way in 2020 (and 2021, for that matter) that having one giant space to be the place where we eat, learn, work, relax, and gather is A LOT to ask of even a very well-designed room. I think we will see a comeback of more traditional floor plans that include designated spaces with more specific and narrow uses instead of wide-open rooms. It's a lot harder to go from an open to a closed plan, so my team and I are always looking for ways to repurpose different rooms for the needs of our clients, and to create little moments and nooks within the larger spaces.

2022 interior design trends

Design by Lulu & Georgia | Photo by Monica Wang

Design Trend: Vintage

Given the current disaster of lead times in furnishings, shopping vintage or second-hand is just a smart move right now! It's immediately available for those willing to do the leg work to find it, and reuse is always a sustainable choice. I think the last two years have also reignited an appreciation of vintage and nostalgic items, and reminded us that perfection doesn't have to be the end goal all of the time. We can reimagine what we already have, incorporate pieces handed down, and make do with an item our neighbor no longer needs and STILL have a beautiful, functional, stylish home.


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