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  • Lindsey Borchard

North Ranch Remodel: Great Room Reveal

This project had a major case of Project Creep, meaning we kept adding to the scope while trying to stay within the agreed-upon budget. Some of that was in our control, like creating a big entertaining space by combining the kitchen, dining room, and family room, which is the space we are revealing today. But some of it was not, like foundation and flooring issues, and of course, there were the ever-present Covid-related delays (we waited eight months for the kitchen barstools!).

Getting to the finish line on this one meant even more communication than usual, some repurposing of a few furniture pieces and cabinetry that'd we'd planned to replace, and installing in stages so the family had a least some furniture (we actually added a few more pieces after these photos were taken). But in the end, I think we were successful in giving our clients the elegant, comfortable family home of their dreams!

white kitchen with quartz by Lindsey Brooke Design

Photography by Amy Bartlam

The Kitchen

The great room is the space that is the least recognizable from the original structure. We took out several walls to combine the three rooms into one open space, creating a true heart of the home. When work began in here, we'd already painted much of the rest of the house, so we spent a lot more time than usual getting this paint color exactly right. We tested it all over the space and looked at it a different times of the day to be certain that it would work with the spaces that had already been painted.

white kitchen with quartz by Lindsey Brooke Design

Custom cabinetry will always give your kitchen that elevated, well-designed feel. We chose a full overlay that is sleek and contemporary with a shaker-style profile that fits nicely in the traditional style of the home. Our client really wanted a white kitchen. so we did the fridge wall and perimeter cabinets white and stained the island a beautiful warm rich wood tone.

white kitchen with quartz by Lindsey Brooke Design

For contrast (which is a theme throughout the home), we added black hardware with brass accents in lighting and accessories. The backsplash is a textured glazed brick that adds a lot of movement and interest to the room and also feels and looks handmade even though it's not. My favorite part of the kitchen is just out of frame here... it's the double dishwashers for me!

white kitchen with quartz by Lindsey Brooke Design

The biggest challenge in the kitchen was space planning. The wall behind the range had been a racquetball court at one time (yes, really!) and was solid concrete, so it had to stay in place. We kept the perimeter of the kitchen mostly the same, and expanded into a former hallway on the left side of the room. That's where the integrated refrigerator and freezer and pantry ended up. I didn't want it to seem so far away from the sink, so we turned the island to be parallel with the range wall and expanded it toward the fridge. There is still plenty of room for traffic flow into the den (the former racquetball court) but the space doesn't feel quite so expansive now.


dining room by Lindsey Brooke Design

The Dining Room

The dining room stayed in its original location, but of course it's now open to the kitchen and family room, so it is much more casual than before.

dining room by Lindsey Brooke Design

dining room by Lindsey Brooke Design

We did all new furnishings in here, staying with our main theme of neutral colors, warm wood tones, and shades of black for contrast. The console table is a really cool piece that feels both modern and organic, but does it feel like it's missing something? We ordered a mirror for that spot but it didn't make it in time for the photoshoot. How very 2021, huh?!


family room by Lindsey Brooke Design

The Family Room

Before we opened up the space, we really didn't know what to do with the family room. It had an awkward built-in desk situation, but it really wasn't private enough to function like an office space. The large window went almost to the floor, making furniture arrangement tricky. But after the walls came down, it felt much more purposeful as a part of the larger room.

Originally, we planned to do a custom built-in for a television with cabinetry and shelving, but after we moved some funds to other places, our clients decided they could add that at a later date. We ended up taking a credenza from the office and giving it a new paint job to use in here, which will work just find until they are ready. Design-wise, I wanted this room to relate to the other living spaces in the home without being too matchy-matchy. Cousins instead of siblings, if you will. So there are some similarities like the sofa profiles, a pair of ottomans, and a hefty rectangular coffee table. But we used different fabrics and finishes so that each room has an identity of its own.

window seat by Lindsey Brooke Design

We swapped the huge window for a new bay window and got to add a bench for extra seating -- and just for that charm-factor. Lots of neutral textures made the space feel cozy and interesting, while black adds some contrast, and shades of blue tie in with other rooms in the home.

coffee table styling by Lindsey Brooke Design

sofa pillows by Lindsey Brooke Design

It's always worth the stress and hiccups to know that our clients are living their best lives in their dream home, and that we got to help them achieve that goal. If you'd like to find out if we can bring your dream home to life, fill out a design inquiry.


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