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  • Lindsey Borchard

Why Order Through an Interior Designer

We hear it all the time: Why can't I just order things myself? Why do I need an interior designer? And, sure, there are tons of great retail options these days that are accessible and affordable. But, when you employ a designer's services, you are getting much more than just product. You are getting peace of mind that what you buy will work in your space, access to the unique items that will take your space from good to ah-mazing, and a second set (and third!) of eyes on the process to make sure it goes smoothly.

LBD Design team

As a designer, I'm thinking about more than just the new sofa (or what-have-you), I'm thinking about the room/space/home as a whole, and trying to make the best decisions for that entire space. I will help you space plan to make sure that each piece fits properly and relates to the other pieces in the room (in both style and size). I am also thinking of every detail that makes a furniture piece work, like do the arms of the chair fit under the dining table? Is this fabric easily cleaned? Is this the best quality item for the budget? We recently opened a studio space and I can now say with complete confidence that store owners and designers spend thousands of hours sourcing unique items that cannot be easily found through a Google search. Designers develop relationships with to-the-trade-only vendors that offer product that isn't available to the general public and scour markets each year to bring the best new products and designs to their clients. Many of these items are handmade or produced on a small scale, and they offer much better quality than what is mass-produced at big-box retailers. And of course, if the perfect item cannot be found, we can have something custom made!

the Studio at Lindsey Brooke Design

Once the perfect items have been found, we have several processes in place to make sure that ordering goes smoothly. There are so many things that can go wrong with just a small typo like the wrong color, size, sku, etc., so we typically have three sets of eyes look over all of our purchases. Then, we follow up with each vendor to make sure that our timeline is in order. We also handle anything that comes in damaged, with missing pieces, or incorrect before it lands on our clients' doorstep. The ordering process can definitely be a headache, but with a team behind the scenes looking out for you, your home will be beautiful in no time!

At our Studio in Westlake Village, we have curated a catalog of items to shop from and we've styled the store with our favorites to help you visualize how they can be used in your own home. You can also make an appointment to sit down with one of our designers and to help you create the look of an LBD design without the cost of hiring a designer full time.

Have I convinced you yet? I hope so! If you'd like help sourcing some unique, beautiful, and useful items for your home, get in touch with our studio team by emailing

All photos by Public 313 Design


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