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Lindsey Brooke Design- Full Service Interior Design Studio in Los Angeles, California

This home is in a suburb area of Westlake Village. Already beautiful but really needed a few spaces to feel updated, new and more functional. What started as a semi remodel quickly turned into a lot more. The home itself leans more tradtional tudor style but our clients big bold style made it a fun blend of a more colorful, eurpoean tradtional design in the end. We have loved getting to know this young family who loves to travel, entertain, play sports, and are just some of the most lovely people we have ever worked with. There werent that many challenges in the project just a lot of little details to figure out since so much was custom in the design. This project spanned a little over 2.5 years from inital meeting to final accessory placed. Overall wallcolor: Dunn edwards Whisper White

Bold and the Beautiful

Westlake Village, California
Bold and the Beautiful
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