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Here at LBD, we believe in lifting as you climb. That sentiment is at the heart of our brand and is especially evident in the resources we offer to the design community. Studio Sessions are mini-mastermind courses covering all the things design school can't teach you—it's our own experience and expertise in a collection of instructional videos.

The Courses

Each content-rich course allows you to learn at your own pace with engaging videos and actionable steps. Buy only the courses you need or purchase the entire bundle for a comprehensive resource library.

Los Angeles based interior designer Lindsey Brooke Borchard.

Ideas & Thoughts

When I was just getting my design business off the ground, there were so many designers who were generous enough to share their hard-earned wisdom with me. This passion project of mine is my way of paying it forward. These practical and instructional courses are based on the questions I spent hours Googling and researching as a new business owner. For an additional perspective, I partnered with the incredible team at IDCO Studio to share their expertise in all things marketing, from new project rollout plans to Instagram strategies.

Working With Trade Vendors

While it takes most designers years to understand the ins and outs of trade manufacturers, we're so excited to share all our industry knowledge and experience with vendors in one content-packed course. In this course, we’re going to lay the groundwork for why trade relationships matter, and how to choose those partners wisely. Of course, we’ll discuss all the nuances of the product markup system, setting up your receiving warehouse, and staying organized at every single turn. 


Client Experience For Interior Designer

In this deep-dive course, you’ll learn all the tools to overhaul your client management with actionable steps from start to finish. We’ll cover key topics like onboarding, client education, management software, communication strategies, and how to leave a lasting impression with each project. We’ll walk you through Lindsey's exact processes, and share how our team shapes the client experience every step of the way.


The Importance of Photography as an Interior Designer

Professional photography is the most important investment you can make as an interior designer. Anastasia always tells her clients at IDCO Studio that before they can work on branding, web design or Instagram management, that you need to invest in professional photos first. In this course, Lindsey Borchard will walk you through everything you need to know when working with a photographer as an interior designer then take it a step further and discuss how to create killer video content as well.


Interior Design Presentation Techniques

First round client approval is the ultimate goal. In this 5 part mini-mastermind course,  Lindsey Brooke Design will be walking through the entire design presentation process, step-by-step. This carefully honed process helps designers get approved design plans more quickly and more cost effectively - resulting in a better client experience and an elevated business model.

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