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5 Reasons To Love Waterfall Counters

In kitchens, clean lines and durable designs are always our top priority. A look we've been loving (and don't see going anywhere any time soon) are waterfall kitchen counters. A waterfall counter is when the slab material from the countertop, seamlessly cascades down the side of the cabinetry. You'll most often see waterfall counters on kitchen islands, but I also love it as a finishing edge on the side of outlining kitchen cabinetry as well. Waterfall counters have become one of our signature styles here at Lindsey Brooke Design and we have used them in numerous projects. We're rounding up some of our favorite LBD designs and outlined our top five reasons why waterfall counters are here to stay and why we love them.

5 Reasons We Love Waterfall Counters

Waterfall Counters Instantly Update a Space

Even in the most traditional of kitchens, a waterfall counter instantly makes the space feel new. Because of their seamless design, minimal lines, and sprawling surface, they make a space feel larger, even without changing the kitchen footprint. Waterfall counters are a simple step to upgrade a kitchen for any remodel.

Waterfall Counters are Extremely Durable

Most often, we make our waterfall counters with a man made quartz slab versus a natural stone because of the size required to wrap a kitchen island. This hard surface is nearly indestructible, making it the perfect material to wrap around your cabinets on a kitchen island. It can handle all the toe kicks, spills, trash can dings, and kid climbing a proper island will incur. No scratched or chipped cabinets here.

We Love Their Sleek Profile

Waterfall counters have the cleanest profile due to their mitered edge. During our design process, we work with expert craftsman to fabricate our client counters. Our countertop fabricators carefully measure the countertop size, then diagonally cut a 45 degree angle out of the slab, to cascade it down the side. The finished profile is perfectly smooth and sleek - no pointy counter overhangs gouging you while you cook.

Waterfall Counters Have Major Versatility

Because the slab quartz is so incredibly durable, you can actually run it by itself for a "floating" waterfall effect. We love to incorporate this design in a space that has plenty of cabinet storage. The approach makes for the perfect bar seating or additional workspace on the counter. In our Modern Beach Retreat Project, we actually stacked the waterfall counter on top of the island to add another level of dimension, while inviting guests to hang out while the homeowners prep and cook.

Waterfall Counters Work with Any Design Style

It might surprise you, but we believe a waterfall counter detail can truly work with any design style. We love it in more traditional kitchens to keep the space feeling current and it works beautifully with bold, contemporary designs as well. By switching up the materials to an equally durable soapstone, this look would even transition to a European style kitchen as well.


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