6 Creative Ways to Display Art

Confession: I have a fairly serious artwork obsession. It's one of my favorite parts of designing a home for our clients and one of the most fun pieces to source! Over the years, we have carefully curated a handful of the highest quality artwork vendors, original photographers and fine artists, along with fiber artisans and vintage dealers. Our team includes professional installers to hang artwork for our clients on installation day, making sure every piece is perfectly positioned throughout the home.

As we take on more full scope renovations, we've been needing to get creative with how we display artwork! Art should spark joy, take you to your favorite far away destination, remind you of nostalgic times, or bring you total tranquility. Below, I've outlined my favorite creative ways to display art around your house, and I hope it inspired you to move things around and mix it up.

Gallery Wall

Probably the most obvious way to display an art collection, I love a good gallery wall. The key to a great gallery wall is to keep all frames the same, or mixing 2 frame finishes. I think some of the very best gallery walls mix lots of types of artwork - from graphic concert posters to affordable downloadable prints to original mixed media pieces and finds.

Art Ledge

One of my favorite “hacks” for art lovers who like to switch things up, art ledges feel cool and collected. I love layering frames of different sizes and metallic finishes on an art ledge for a sophisticated art collector vibe. You can stack art ledges 18 inches apart to fill up a tall wall, or place them end to end for a sleek, minimalist option along a long hallway or above a sofa.


There is something about leaning your artwork against a mirror or larger, hanging piece of art that just screams “I’m a total cool girl”. This trick works perfectly in an entryway, on a bedroom dresser, or tucked sweetly in a shelfie. Leaning art doesn’t have to be framed. In fact, sometimes it is better when a little print is unexpectedly tucked somewhere special, all by itself. An important designer safety hack: We’ll attach the piece of art to the wall securely to prevent any accidents from climbing kiddos.

Framed Textiles

Here at LBD, we are firm believers that art comes in all different shapes, sizes and mediums. I’m constantly sourcing different vintage and new textiles to have custom framed for our clients. Framed textiles can feel so elevated, yet casual, in our signature modern California style. We love framing anything from vintage camp pennants, to fiber art to old American flags.


This is a really great solution for small walls between doors in a hallway, or in the bathroom. Stacking art works equally well with matching frames or totally different pieces. You can play with scale and size to make two smaller pieces feel more substantial when it’s hung on the wall this way.

Oversized in Twos or Threes

We have been sourcing the coolest diptych and triptych artwork for projects lately. This solution works great in hallways or entryways when you have a large wall to fill. I like to keep frames no more than 6 inches apart when hanging them together, to ensure they feel like a collective piece, rather than breaking them apart.


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