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  • Lindsey Borchard

August Favorites

Somehow, I blinked and summer is over. My boys are heading back to school and we’re trying to get back into the usual routine. The first few weeks are always the hardest – we literally have to drag Beau out of bed most days. The mom/work life struggle is real, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This month for August Favorites, I had all things fall and back-to-school on my mind. From comfy grab and go outfits for morning drop off to cozy clothes for busy boys, I’ve wrapped up all my favorite finds lately.

I, for one, think it’s perfectly acceptable to do some school shopping for myself while out with the boy. My first must-have were these perfect neutral Nikes that I wear on regular repeat. They’re perfect for install days because they help keep me on my feet just a bit longer. I loved this cropped sweater because it provided the perfect amount of slouch while not overwhelming my frame. It layers perfectly over a blouse so you get a cute hem line situation going while still covering all the body parts. For client meetings, I snagged this blouse in stripes and dots – it’s easy, breezy and perfect for transitioning into fall. On days where my Nike’s don’t cut it, these platform sandals look polished, but are just as comfy as my favorite pair of kicks.

Because I’m asked ALL THE TIME what my go-to work bag is, I thought I’d include it this month! I’ve had mine for two years now and it literally looks better with age. After my recent visit to Austin, I’ve been feeling all the hats and this one is super comfy and totally packable. Speaking of Austin – I can’t wait to share our top secret project with you very soon!

Now that I wrapped up own fall shopping, here are a few of my favorite things we grabbed the boys this year. They are all about comfort, so I focused on easy pieces they can dress themselves in (can I get a slow clap for independence in the mornings?). The accent pocket on this cute tee is my favorite, especially when paired with these super cute sweat shorts. And the subtle feminist feels of this graphic tee – well, they melt my heart.

The boys got to pick their own backpacks this year and they loved this camo version from Hershel. We’ve been using Hershel bags for years now because they are American made and I love how well they hold up through the year while still looking super cool. Pro Tip – throw them in the washing machine once a month and they’ll come out looking brand new every time. Lastly, each boy got this cute Nike duffel for tennis practice that doubles for a weekender bag. Win win.

Back-to-school can be a super stressful time for a lot of parents. Kids struggle to get back into their routines. Parents battle the confusing feelings of desperately needing a break and wishing time would freeze so they’d stay little forever. Just know that you’re not alone – I struggle with mom life as an entrepreneur. My goal with Lindsey Brooke Design has always been to sacrifice long hours now in the office, to get long hours with my boys as they get older. If you ever need a friend to talk through it – I’m here for you. Hope everyone has a great school year!


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