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  • Lindsey Borchard

Bathroom Renovation Tips

Planning a bathroom design is challenging. There are a lot of permanent elements to consider and planning for plumbing fixtures and lighting can be tedious and technical. But a wall-designed space adds SO much function to a house and starting and ending the day in a beautiful bathroom adds so much luxury to everyday life. If you're tackling your bath on your own or planning a new build, here are a few tips for creating the space of your dreams.

bathroom remodel tips from Lindsey Brooke Design

Consider the Function

The absolute first step to planning a successful bath build-out is to determine the function. If you aren't sure where to start, begin by thinking about the pain points in your current space. Not enough storage? No place to hang linens? Too little privacy? Then, take a good hard look at your wish list. Do you really use a tub, or can that space go toward a larger shower or more storage? Are two sinks necessary or would you rather have more counter space?

Space Plan with Care

Once your priorities are in order, the next step is to plan the space, beginning with meticulous measuring. You really can't be too careful in this stage, and be sure to measure your products as well as the space. In our Modern Ranch Bath project, we turned an oversized and under-utilized powder room in a 3/4 bath (much more functional for the growing family!) by adding a shower. We kept the existing fixtures in place and added a shower stall, but it's the new custom cabinet that really brings the function. Thanks to it, we were able to keep a smaller vanity and keep from blocking either of the two doorways.

bathroom remodel tips from Lindsey Brooke Design

Make it a Moment

If the space is available, a primary bath can be the perfect spot for that vacation-at-home moment. The primary bath in our Dallas project had just such a spot, with a free-standing tub centered underneath a window. We enhanced the luxurious feel by adding floor-length curtains and a statement light fixture. The room had ample storage, so we styled the shelves as if they were in any other room of the home. Instead of small bath mats scattered around the room, we used a large area rug for warmth and color (this one looks old but it's not, so wet footprints aren't an issue).

Create Cohesion Through Materials

Our Moore Drive clients loved that all-white look, but wanted it to feel warm and collected, too. We designed a custom vanity with two sinks flanking a makeup table in a gorgeous white oak finish that we repeated in the adjacent closet. We also ran the same flooring in both spaces and into the shower used the countertop material -- a gorgeous Quartz -- on the bench in the shower. The plumbing fixtures, vanity hardware, and lighting are polished nickel, and we added black mirrors for contrast.

bathroom remodel tips from Lindsey Brooke Design

Try a Facelift, Instead

Even if a full remodel isn't in the cards, you can still achieve a more beautiful, functional space. In our North Ranch remodel, our clients decided to keep some existing vanities to free up space in the budget for other project (cabinetry can be a big expense, after all!). Instead of a full remodel, we painted the cabinets and added new counters, plumbing fixtures, lighting and mirrors. A subtle, tonal wallpaper really took the space to the next level!


If you'd rather leave the bath remodel planning to the professionals, get in touch by filling out our design inquiry.


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