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  • Lindsey Borchard

Bear Fence Primary Suite Reveal

I am very excited to share this primary suite renovation! We don't usually have the bandwidth to take on such a small project, but we really loved our clients' vision, and, frankly, the budget was such that we knew we could do something really special with the typical suburban house. The smaller scope was actually a fun break from the large-scale projects we were working on that the same time.

Project Scope: Remodel of the bedroom and bath in the home's primary suite. The bedroom got mostly minor changes like adding millwork, wallpaper, and all new furnishings. Work in the bath was more extensive, turning the shower into a steam shower, and adding all new flooring, vanity, tile, plumbing fixtures, and lighting.

Overall Vibe: East Coast Moody meets West Coast Eclectic

Family: Our clients are originally from the East Coast, and when they moved to a suburban community here in California, they were really missing the charm of the homes they were used to back East. They wanted their personal space to have a little more character and interest.

The Bedroom

The most dramatic change in the bedroom came from the addition of board and batten-style millwork that we took about two thirds of the way up the wall and painted Templeton Gray by Benjamin Moore. Above that, a linen wallpaper adds subtle texture and warmth. We did a linen drape that has a soft ombre effect. It's unexpected, but adds another layer of interest.,

We did all new furniture to create a very cozy, moody vibe. Every piece was hand picked to make this room come together, from the bedding, to the drapes, to the furniture because we wanted to make sure room this felt sexy, warm, and relaxing. A primary suite should be a special place for homeowners to connect or recharge, and it should reflect their taste and personality. We did a custom bed and also created an armless sofa with a removable back pillow at the end. Our clients have young children that still come in their room at night, and this is the perfect spot for them to sleep without actually getting into bed with their parents.


The Bathroom

This bathroom had the biggest change! We took a white box with nothing special in it and created a completely unique and special bathroom that is a total VIBE now! We turned the shower into a steam shower, which meant we needed to take the tile all the way up to the ceiling. Since they wanted it very moody and to lean masculine, we ended up with this black porcelain marble-looking tile. Our tile guy took the 30x30 pieces and cut them into 2x9 tiles by hand -- he really loved us for that one. We kept the brass plumbing running throughout to add warmth and keep it cohesive with the rest of the bathroom. On the floor, we used a neutral gray porcelain in a running bond pattern that balances the darker shades and won't show as much dirt or wear.

The Tub + Shower

The bathtub before was a drop in and took up so much space, so we shortened it by doing a smaller tub so we could add a bench in the shower. We changed the tub to an undermount and ran the same warm, creamy quartz directly into the shower on the top of the bench for a really seamless look. Over the tub, we inset wood floating shelves to use or decor or storage for soaps and potions, and they provide a pretty view into the room from the bedroom. The walls have a plaster treatment that doesn't come across well in photos, but in person adds so much movement and texture to the walls.

The Vanity

The new custom double vanity has a thin Shaker profile with a reeded detail on the bottom. We mixed a custom walnut stain for the bottom and painted the tower cabinets Knoxville Grey by Benjamin Moore. The taller cabinets add tons of storage, of course, but also help the vanity area feel more intimate and cozy.

The Details

We used a black quartz for the countertops and intergraded sinks. The double bull nose edge detail on the counters is my favorite detail, but the biggest show stopper is the handmade Zellige tile on the back wall of the vanity. It created drama, added texture, and reinforced the moody color palette our clients were looking for. All of the brass fittings with patina beautifully over time, adding to that sense of age and permanence that the house was missing previously.


If you have a project -- big or small! -- get in touch by filling out our design inquiry to find out of we can work together.


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