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  • Lindsey Borchard

How a Designer Adds Value to a Renovation

One-hour renovation shows and Instagram reels may make a renovation seem pretty simple, but if you've lived through one, you know it's anything but! If you're considering a renovation and unsure whether it will be worth it to hire a designer, here's my case for how having a designer on your team can actually save you money. And probably a good bit of time and grief, too!

How a Designer Adds Value to a Renovation

Project Management Experience

Not only do we bring our experience in managing projects to the table, but we’ve already done the leg work necessary to find the best local trades and craftspeople. You won’t need to interview multiple electricians because we have established relationships in our area and know the best team for the job. And if we are working in new territory, we more than likely have local industry connections that can help us build a team quickly and successfully.

A Cohesive Design Plan

In every step of the renovation process, we have a solid end goal in mind. Each of our projects has a complete design plan before construction begins, so every person on the team is working toward that common goal. We also use our market knowledge to help our clients weed through decisions about where to spend and where to save and how to arrange their budget for maximum impact. We’re on top of design trends, but also have basic design knowledge that goes beyond choosing furnishings or tile and can take a house from perfectly nice to absolutely spectacular!

But it’s not just about appearance. The way a house functions is ALWAYS top of mind and is one of my favorite parts of the job. Making beautiful rooms is fun, of course, but I really love finishing a project knowing that we’re leaving our clients with a new space that will fill their needs and make their lives just a little bit easier.

How a Designer Adds Value to a Renovation

Valley Village remodel | Photo by Jessica Alexander

Access to Trade-Only Products

From a business perspective, learning to navigate the trade-only market definitely helped me level up. But my clients are really the ones who benefit! Having access to to-the-trade-only products means that we can basically have anything we want, ha! From custom furnishings and drapery to high-end plumbing, lighting, and tile, trade-only products are what make a house unique and special, but also of the highest quality.

Decision-Making Help

One of the biggest hurdles to completing a whole-house design plan is simple decision fatigue. There are thousands of decisions to be made in a renovation, and if you hire a designer, you are essentially shielding yourself from the minutiae and only weighing in on the most high-level ones. You won’t need to tell the electrician how many outlets you’d like, but you will get to have a say in what your range hood looks like. We value our clients opinions as well as their time, and we want their best energy going toward the decisions with the biggest impact. That said, we also understand that there is a LOT of value in well-executed minor details, but our clients trust us to make those choices with their best interest in mind.

How a Designer Adds Value to a Renovation

Blazing Star primary bedroom | Photo by Public 311 Design

Avoid Costly Mistakes

One muddy site visit might make for good television drama, but the reality is that happens at least once a week, often for many months as our team checks in with and inspects the work of trades and subcontractors. Our experience and deep knowledge of the design plan means that we can quickly spot mistakes and have them corrected during construction, avoiding costly redos down the line. And, a design professional brings a nuanced level of experience that most homeowners just don’t have. From catching construction mistakes to making sure that huge custom sectional will fit down a tight hallway before placing the order, we’re always looking three steps ahead to ensure that every detail is accounted for.


To learn more about what our team can do for your project, get in touch by filling out our design inquiry form.


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