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  • Lindsey Borchard

Dallas Project: Kids' Spaces

For our last reveal of 2020, we are sharing the kids' spaces from our Dallas project including the boy's bedroom, girl's nursery, and the playroom. Our clients are not afraid of color or pattern so these were really fun spaces to design and stretch ourselves a little. I have two young boys myself so the boy's room was definitely in my wheelhouse, and of course I am always excited to design a space for a little girl!

boys bedroom with cloud wallpaper

The little boy's bedroom was a clean slate when we were brought on board. Our clients had purchased the rug and the bed but needed everything else in the room. He loves basketball, reading, and building forts so we wanted to incorporate all of his interests and make it bright and fun for him now, but not be too themed or "little boy" to minimize changes as he grows up.

boys bedroom with blue wallpaper

To give his bedroom and bathroom lots of personality, we started with wallpaper in both spaces. The bedroom got a fun accent wall with a really neat paper that feels like a sky full of fluffy clouds. To go with it, we used lots of shades of blues and grays accented with punches of yellow and orange. We layered the bed and the nearby built-in bench with neutral texture plus lots of graphic pattern so the space feels both sophisticated and fun!

floating book ledges with yellow Nugget sofa

Art is a really easy and fun way to reflect a child's interest in their space and is easy to change as they grow, so we took the opportunity to showcase his love of basketball. He also really loves books so we added a big wall of floating ledges to store his many story books with their covers facing out so that he can easily find what he is looking for. I love seeing the covers of kids' books, too -- they are art on their own! Since the room already had a great built-in bench we didn't need more seating, so instead we added a Nugget, which he can use for lounging, fort-building, or even as a mini tumbling mat! His bathroom had great bones with a graphic hexagon tile on the floor and simple subway-tiled bath so we added a fun yellow wallpaper to tie the two spaces together.

bathroom with graphic yellow wallpaper

I haven't gotten to design very many girly spaces (#boymom) so I was super excited about this one! Our clients already had the crib, changing table, rug, and rocking chair and it didn't make sense to replace these items, but they were clean and modern and good place to start. Just like in the boy's room, we focused on bright colors, lots of texture, and fun art to make the space come to life.

nursery with flamingo wallpaper
white crib and pink flamingo wallpaper
built-in bench with pink sconce

The pink flamingo wallpaper is the star of the room and gives just enough of a girly vibe. I didn't want to go overboard with pink, but repeated it around the room in small doses on the pillows and the super fun enamel sconces that we added to the bench nook. Again, we got a lot of mileage out of fun graphic art pieces and used her sweet toys and books to add color and personality. Plenty of baskets make toy clean-up simple and quick.

floating shelves with baskets

bathroom with wallpaper and aqua penny tile

The bathroom spaces throughout the house were already complete, so we added art and accessories to bring them to life, and I think this wallpaper of girls swimming might be my favorite. It tied in so nicely with the cute

aqua penny tile and adds such a fun, playful vibe.

family room with blue sectional

In addition to the huge, open main living space, the house has a bonus living space upstairs with a wet bar that our clients wanted to use as a playroom/casual family room. Their existing blue sectional didn't really work in the room downstairs, so we brought it up here where it fits perfectly, and helps the room feel a little more grown-up than just a playroom. We added a round woven ottoman and lots of pillows for more color and texture.

The room is really open and white, so we added a subtle textural wallpaper behind the built-in shelves, which we styled pretty simply. Plenty of storage is always a must in a playroom, so we added lots of baskets which I'm sure will be filled with blocks and action figures before long!

built-in shelves with wallpaper

hidden play closet

The coolest part of the room is a closet-turned-play cave. Intended to be a storage closet that my clients weren't really utilizing, I immediately thought we could do something really special with this neat little nook. There was only one light at the entrance and no electrical outlets, so we had to get creative to make it not feel like a scary, dark closet.

play closet with floor cushions

We added some fun decals to the walls and hung cute sconces, which we lit with remote controlled puck lights. The front houses the play kitchen and the back half we furnished with green velvet floor cushions to make a cozy hang-out spot. Fun art and storage cubes for toys make it clear that this is a fun play zone!

It was so fun to show off these spaces to our little clients. We got shouts of pure excitement which we captured on video -- you can see the full reveal on our Dallas Project highlight on Instagram.

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