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  • Lindsey Borchard

Dining Room: Navy Street

If you’ve been following along with the progress of our #NavyStreetProject, you know we spent a lot of time helping transform this builder basic home into relaxing haven for a family with a young boy. We previously revealed how we turned the living room into a warm and inviting family hang out by refinishing the previously all-black granite fireplace with pretty cement tiles. Now, we want to share how we transformed the family’s adjoining space into a high-functioning-but-still-so-pretty dining room.

Because the dining space is the only one in the home, we wanted it to seamlessly connect to the living room in the open floor plan, but also feel separate and special. To begin, we knew we wanted a focal point light fixture to anchor the space in an otherwise open room. When we found the beautiful large woven drum pendant (similar), we knew it was the perfect fit. Although the dining table is a simple, timeless round, the two toned finish and unique pedestal feels totally unique. For reference, we went with a 60 inch round which accommodates 5-6 comfortably.

To provide contrast against the dark table, we sourced light, woven chairs with curved backs and upholstered cushions (similar here and here) that are extremely comfortable. On the seat cushions we opted for performance fabric on the seats so they don’t have to worry about cleaning with their toddler. It’s a win win for everyone.

We wanted to include pics from the living room reveal so you can see how the two spaces blend together seamlessly, while still having their own “moment”. The black credenza with the open shelving and oversized Joshua Tree print makes for the perfect breaking point between the two designated spaces. It keeps things open and airy while giving a clear place for the eye to land when scanning the open floor plan.

You can tour the full space and read about it’s transformation, custom built-in benches and how we kept the space toddler friendly right here. Don’t miss the guest bedroom reveal here, either!

Photography by Amy Bartlam

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