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  • Lindsey Borchard

Family Room + Kitchen: Beach to the Burbs

Now that you’ve had the first sneak peek at our Beach to ‘Burbs Project, we want to give you a closer look inside some of our favorite spaces that make up this family home. Today, we’re walking you through the rooms where our clients spend the most time day in and day out—the family room and kitchen, of course!

To lay the groundwork for these two key spaces, we started by brightening the walls with a fresh shade of white and created a black shiplap feature wall as the focal point of the family room. We chose to add built-ins and floating shelves along the feature wall for a layer of dimension, personality, and most importantly, as a creative storage solution. Lining the gallery wall, we featured a mix of beach and dock photographs plus beautiful abstract art as a nod to our coastal inspiration.

We knew the family room was going to be one of the most used (and most loved) spaces in the home, so we had to be inviting above all else. Comfort was absolutely key, so a large, family-sized sectional was a must on the wishlist. While many assume that white furniture and young kids don’t mix, we sourced our sectional in a performance fabric to make any cleanup a total breeze. Along with the sectional, we added a soft and neutral-toned rug, a gorgeous caramel leather accent chair with a fun buckle detail, and hung a one-of-a-kind art piece above the sofa to complement our color palette.

The family room is open to the kitchen space, including an additional dining area with a more casual setup. To make the most of this intimate eating space, we paired a round oak table with four loom chairs and added a bonus seating nook adjacent to the table. We found a unique upholstered bench with a floating back cushion and hung a mix of gallery frames above to create the perfect little vignette.

We’re so happy to you along for the ride as continue touring our #BeachtotheBurbs project this month! In the meantime, keep an eye on our Instagram as we deliver even more inspiration and behind-the-scenes peeks of our favorite projects! PS – you can peep the whole video tour here on IGTV.


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