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  • Lindsey Borchard

Guest Bathroom: Foxy Bath Remodel Project

I love the opportunity to give homes a top-to-bottom makeover, but there’s something equally exciting about single room projects that bring a major impact—bathrooms included. As out-of-sight spaces, I find bathrooms often don’t get the design attention they deserve, so we were stoked to tackle our latest project: three home bathroom updates done all in one swoop.

This project was exactly the fun challenge we needed, and we’re so excited to reveal the first of the three bathroom spaces, featuring the prettiest black vanity you ever did see.

Our bathroom project began by considering three major questions: How do we make small bathroom spaces feel bigger? How do we keep costs to a minimum? How do we work within our given timeframe?

Needless to say, accomplishing all of the above was a tall order, but with a little creative problem solving, everything came together seamlessly.

To make this first bathroom feel more open and airy, we started by adding vertical shiplap that carried to the ceiling and opted for one of our go-to paint colors, Simply White by Benjamin Moore. The goal was to keep colors, patterns, and accessories simple yet fresh, with subtle moments of warmth incorporated through brass accents and wooden frames.

Along those same lines, we kept the shower/tub combo but added new tile all the way to the ceiling to carry the eye upward and make the entire space feel more open.

It was important to make cost-effective design choices, so we got creative by using a prefab vanity and added our own quartz countertop. We also decided to paint the vanity’s knobs black for a cool, monochromatic look.

Sticking to our project timeframe meant undergoing construction on all three bathrooms at the same time. To help organize the chaos, we made sure all material was purchased from the same vendor, ordered only in-stock merchandise, and used the same plumbing fixtures for all three bathrooms. Each small yet strategic design choice helped the entire project run that much smoother!

Loved the first bathroom look? Stay tuned for the next two reveals of this project coming up in two weeks! In the meantime, check out some of my favorite bathrooms we’ve done here, here, here and here.


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