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  • Lindsey Borchard

Guest Bathroom: Foxy Bath Remodel Project Part III

If you’re not caught up on our Foxy Bath Remodel project yet, you’ll want to start with this bathroom and this bathroom here. In this upstairs guest bathroom, we were focused on keeping things light and airy. There was an existing window that let in ample natural light. By carefully selecting a light color palette, we were able to help maximize the natural light.

Instead of the expected black and white bathroom, or our signature shades of blue, we wanted to keep this bathroom focused on mid-tones. We sourced this smoky gray color and stacked the subway tile for a modern look. It’s the same tile as the downstairs bath, but feels totally different in this color. Additionally, we custom crafted the beautiful pale green vanity to maximize storage and function. Anyone else feel like every vanity on the market uses cabinets even though drawers are 100x more functional?

Because this is the largest bathroom of the three, we really wanted to amplify that. By ripping out the clunky bathtub, we turned this bathroom into a walk-in retreat with all the spa vibes. I love the horizontal subway stack we did for the tile pattern. It feels more modern than a traditional brick pattern but also totally different than the vertical stack downstairs, especially when run all the way to the ceiling.

We were able to repurpose the previous countertops in all three bathrooms, but mixed up the metals to make the bathrooms feel higher end. With an unlacquered brass finish on the cabinet hardware, we paired the cutest brass sconce above the mirror. To keep it from feeling trendy, we used polished nickel plumbing fixtures that will feel modern for years to come.


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