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  • Lindsey Borchard

Guest Retreat + Boys Rooms: Brentwood Project

Here is your first look upstairs at our Brentwood Project! From a super serene + crazy spacious guest retreat to two of the cutest little boys’ rooms we ever did see, each of these spaces evoke tons of personality and function. Our clients host very frequently and often have guests stay for an extended period of time with family coming in from Canada. This spacious guest retreat gives visitors their own mini-living room which we made feel more spacious with an oversized round mirror. We used a large paneled headboard to utilize the high ceilings with the prettiest abstract artwork above complete with all natural luxury linens for the complete retreat feel. For extra comfort, texture and function, we added two plush moroccan inspired poufs at the end of the bed – perfect for putting on shoes or getting ready in the morning.

The boys bedrooms were SUCH a fun project for me. Being mama to two boys of similar age, I got to live out all my cool surfer campy dreams in these spaces. In the first boy’s bedroom, we utilized the spacious room and added two twin beds – perfect for brother sleep overs. We knew boys played hard, so we opted for upholstered beds and ottomans at the end so we wouldn’t have any hard edges or pointy corners. I love the texture the two create next to each other. Storage was top priority in both bedrooms, so we added a huge open shelf for tucking away all of their toys and books. Both rooms have statement walls which I LOVE – the wallpaper is fun and bold in both spaces, but will totally grow with them as they get older. We sourced a lot of one-of-a-kind textiles for these spaces, and even framed some of them for a totally custom look. In both spaces, we kept the nightstands free and clear for important boy stuff like books and dinosaurs that may need to guard them at night. Woven basket pendant lights give a super beachy feel but are substantial and fill the space against the wave wall paper while the white and brass sconces pop against the Shibori wallpaper for a modern eclectic vibe.

Looking for more from our Brentwood Project? Check out the entryway + office here, the living and dining room here, kitchen and family room here + stay tuned for more soon!

Photography: Amy Bartlam | Videography: 618 Studios


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