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  • Lindsey Borchard

Home Theater + Playroom: Brentwood Project

Now that you’ve seen nearly every square inch of our amazing Brentwood project, it’s time to unveil a few bonus rooms that might be the most fun of all. They’re spaces that became some of my favorites to design during this top-to-bottom refurnish thanks to our clients’ unique vision that helped lead the way. I’m talking about the in-home movie theater and children’s playroom—both adding so much fun personality to this incredible family home.

First up, we’re heading downstairs to the family’s home bar and movie theater. As our clients envisioned these bonus spaces, they were drawn to the idea of Old Hollywood and their genuine love of great films. We sought to create a space that helped you step back in time with pieces like a large marquis sign, a vintage popcorn machine, and a cozy seating nook featuring low, velvet-covered chairs.

Inside the theater, our goal was to continue that Old Hollywood feel paired with our signature California Casual style, while intentionally avoiding a typical ‘theater’ look. Instead, we opted for deep and inviting sofas covered in high-performance, family-friendly fabric to withstand even the stickiest popcorn or candy-covered fingers. Black and white photos line the walls, colorful pillows accent the sofas, and oversized bean bags fill the front kid’s area, making it the comfiest seat in the house.

Over in the kids’ playroom, we were presented with the challenge of transforming quite a small room into a fun and playful space filled with plenty of clever storage solutions. We began by adding large wall shelves to take the organization vertically, ensuring the floor was kept open for play and exploration. Woven stacking baskets were added to hold toys, while a wall of open shelving showcased the kids’ library of books. In the same book corner, we added a floating shelf that serves as a kid-sized desk and a great space-saving solution.

Since our clients’ kids are young, we know this space will be ever-changing as they get older, and it was important that no design element was too permanent. With that in mind, we incorporated more playful moments through removable wall decals, colorful art, and layered rugs for a room that can easily transform and grow as the kids do.

Believe it or not, that’s the final phase of our Brentwood project reveal and were so thrilled you’ve come along to see each and every moment. It’s been a joy sharing this labor of love with our online community, and we hope this family home holds many, many beautiful memories in the days and years to come.

Missed any phase of the home tour? We have you covered!

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