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Introducing Studio Sessions: Online Courses for Interior Designers

I'm so thrilled to be launching Phase II of Studio Sessions! These mini-mastermind courses for interior designers are an extended version of our coveted Monday Mentor Sessions and a bite-size version of Design Camp. Business education has always been at the heart of my brand and sharing my expertise is a total passion project. When I first started out, there were so many designers that were kind enough to answer my questions and help me get my business off the ground.

Studio Sessions cover everything design school won’t teach you about running and marketing your business. These are the things I spent hours Googling, reading, searching for, and could never find the answers. Studio Sessions are my six years of business experience running a successful design firm, bundled in 8 individual courses.

Additionally, I even partnered with the incredible team at IDCO Studio to cover everything from content planning, new project rollout plans, Pinterest and Instagram marketing strategies for designers looking to take their business to the next level. Each content-packed course allows you to learn at your own pace, with actionable guidance and engaging video instruction. We broke every topic into its own, unique course so you can buy just the ones you need, skip the ones you don’t, or buy the complete bundle and save $395.

When the world went into social distancing mode earlier this year, we knew at-home education was going to be more important than ever before. With that in mind, we’ve compiled everything you need to know into about managing your brand’s online presence, improving your client experience, and leveling up your business in a distance-friendly format that allows you to learn, however and whenever it works best for you.

After Phase I of Studio Sessions were released with IDCO Studio, we got lots of amazing feedback. The biggest thing we heard was that people wanted more video instruction. Which led me to adding over 20 new videos to our courses. The anticipation is killing me - so here's the full breakdown, course by course.

While it takes most designers years to understand the ins and outs of trade manufacturers, we're so excited to share all our industry knowledge and experience with vendors in one content-packed course. In this course, we’re going to lay the groundwork for why trade relationships matter, and how to choose those partners wisely. Of course, we’ll discuss all the nuances of the product markup system, setting up your receiving warehouse, and staying organized at every single turn. 

In this deep-dive course, you’ll learn all the tools to overhaul your client management with actionable steps from start to finish. We’ll cover key topics like onboarding, client education, management software, communication strategies, and how to leave a lasting impression with each project. We’ll walk you through Lindsey's exact processes, and share how our team shapes the client experience every step of the way.

Anastasia always tells me: Pinterest is the most undervalued marketing tool for interior designers. It's return on investment far exceeds platforms like Instagram or Facebook and consistently drives 10x the amount of web traffic than any other source. In this course, we're walking you through how to set up an expert Pinterest marketing plan that takes as little as 1 hour a month to manage. We'll cover everything from automation to Pin descriptions to optimizing your portfolio for Pinterest.

Learning how to communicate an inspiring and actionable design plan with every client is one of the best skills an interior designer can perfect in their process. Over the course of five chapters, we’ll be walking you through all our tips for acing the design presentation with a step-by-step approach. We’ll cover our “getting to know your client” exercises, product sourcing secrets, sample gathering ideas, presentation drafting platforms, and steps to put those key details in place. 

Instagram is the #1 way I book new clients. In this course, we're breaking down everything from mastering geotags, sharing our favorite interior design hashtags and a strategy to go with them, plus all of our best Instagram hacks. This course includes extensive content planning details, outlines the ideal posting schedule and helps you rethink your Instagram marketing practices.

Professional photography is one of the most important investments an interior designer will ever make. As the foundation of a designer’s portfolio, social media content, and nearly every brand touchpoint, quality imagery is non-negotiable. But learning the ropes of photography and videography for interiors doesn’t happen overnight. Whether you’re looking to build out your portfolio, produce marketing content, get your work published, or all of the above, this course is the perfect tool to get you there.

Content planning for interior designers divulges all the secrets to a successful marketing plan for interior designers. I personally believe in exclusively growing your brand via organic marketing strategies. There is no quick fix to get a million followers. Anastasia has always used organic marketing efforts and that is the #1 reason why I hired them over three years ago.

As interior designers, you have a wealth of content to work with - you just need to utilize the power of great storytelling. In this course, we're sharing the exact content plan for blog content, Instagram, newsletters and more.

When I first hired Anastasia, I was sitting on 12 projects that I had professionally photographed, but never did anything with. Having a clear marketing plan for any new project is key to getting optimum exposure on it. The way you reveal a new project has significant impacts on the press that project receives, how many people see the project, and how many new inquiries that project brings. In this course, we'll walk you through the exact system we use to reveal a new project for all our clients. From getting your work published on national platforms to sharing with your email list, this system is tried and true.


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