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  • Lindsey Borchard

Lindsey’s Favorites for March

I thought it would be fun to kick off a new series dishing on my current favorites each and every month. This roundup includes everything from what I am wearing, designing with, to what I’m cooking with and gathering inspiration from.

This month it is all about cozy and functional. We’re peeling back the design curtain and talking real life favorites for the month of March. Spoiler alert, rain boots definitely made it on the list because lately…we’ve been getting #alltherain.

Have a peek at my current favorites and tell me what you are loving right now!

I have been LIVING in these super cute lace-up rain boots since it’s raining every other day right now.

I’m in a book club and our pick this month is Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. So far, I’m all in.

I got these for my birthday and they are so awesome that my husband steals them daily. I actually think he has used them more than I!

Nights have been freezing lately and this blanket is my new favorite obsession. It’s hard to find fleece that also happens to be cute but this blanket checks all the boxes. I’ll even curl up with it at my computer when Im working at night.

This is the absolute best for roasted vegetables! If you are trying to up your veggie intake, sprinkle this all over them and roast in the oven. My uncle makes the BEST roasted Cauliflower and this is what he uses. We have made it at least once a week this whole month. You can also put this on anything and everything and it will taste delicious!

I recently had to get eye glasses and landed on these chic Tom Ford specs. LOVE!

I snagged these at Target and LOVE how much coffee they hold. I have been doing 12-14 hour days working in the evenings for several new clients and these have SAVED me!

I bought this crossbody bag for Market and wore it every single stinkin night! Not only is it incredibly comfortable but it easily transitions from day to night.

Thing to Remember

I spotted this while sourcing for a client and it struck me personally. It’s hard not to get sucked into it but I actually printed this out and its a daily reminder to keep doing what I’m doing and my time will come. I can feel it!


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