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  • Lindsey Borchard

Master Bedroom: Navy Street

Last week, we got to share our Navy Street Project dining room with you guys ( thank you for all the sweet comments + shares!), but this week we’re sharing what is probably my favorite room in the house. Because both our clients are doctors with insane hours, we needed their Master Bedroom to be a true retreat. Our #1 goal was that it felt the exact opposite of a cold, sterile hospital. To achieve that relaxed Coastal feel, we focused on bright, warm tones. Of every room in the house, we needed this space to feel luxurious, so we invested more heavily into the furnishings and decor of this space.

To begin, there were two key steps we had to take to ensure this room functioned as a luxury retreat for true rest and rejuvenation. We removed the TV – keeping your bedroom TV free means you fall asleep more naturally. Your brain never confuses sleep time with lounge time; as a doctor with a constantly changing schedule, this is imperative. Additionally, we pulled the “home office” out of the master bedroom and found it an appropriate space outside of the retreat. Takeaways here? Master bedrooms should be designed intentionally, with bliss and relaxation at the forefront.

The bedroom’s tall ceilings were a focal point we wanted to play up, so we selected a simple canopy bed to be the highlight of the room. We also raised the custom curtains to draw the eye up and utilize the space to its full advantage. The combination of the two gave this room the wow-factor it needed!

The light filled space was a dream to design around, but because our doctor clients often sleep unusual hours, we had custom window treatments crafted. The blackout Roman shades blend seamlessly into the wall color but provide the necessary room darkening they’ll need to sleep comfortably at any time of day.

We opted to keep the color in the rug, bedside lamps and throw pillows, so our clients can switch them up for .a new look in the future. By keeping the largest pieces in the space neutral, the final design will grow with the clients tastes over the years while always remaining a safe haven for restful nights (or days).


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