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Myths About Vintage Rugs with District Rug Shoppe

Here at Lindsey Brooke Design, we frequently source vintage and antique rugs for projects. They add a layer of warmth and texture to a space that we just can't create with new design. While they are a bit of our signature touch, often our clients have questions about their durability for their busy family homes. When Georgia of District Rug Shoppe reached out to help bust myths about vintage rugs, I was so excited to collaborate.

Based in Washington D.C., Georgia has been sourcing one-of-a-kind antique rugs for years. I am particularly found of Georgia's collection because 50% of her vendors are BIPOC, with 25% of them being Black. As we continue to do work daily to bring diversity and equity to the design industry, sourcing from vendors who support Black artists, makers and vintage finders is a top priority here at LBD.

Major bonus: District Rug Shoppe is running their annual 4th of July Sale, with a 15% savings across her entire beautiful collection of vintage and antique rugs through tomorrow night.

Here are our Top 5 Vintage Rug Myths, Debunked:

Myth #1: Vintage Rugs are Fragile

The majority of vintage and antique rugs are loomed with wool, which is naturally one of the most indestructible materials available. Because of this, vintage rugs actually hold up extremely well in high traffic areas. With proper care (see care guide below), even stains can be treated with relative ease.

Myth #2: Don't Buy a Rug with Wear & Tear

In vintage and antique rugs, wear and tear is actually just pile that has receded. 100+ years ago when the rugs were originally loomed, rugs were actually high pile. Over the years, that pile wears down and creates that highly sought after low pile rug we all love so much. What makes rugs vintage rugs so beautifully colorful is that low pile that has naturally oxidized for crisp clarity.

Myth #3: Higher Quality Rugs Have Consistent, Even Designs

With their hand loomed nature, antique rugs have a playful, non-perfect look by design. This variation and variety is actually a key thing to look for when shopping for vintage rugs. We love the unique attributes of handwoven antique rugs with subtle variations like color change, pattern changes and not-so-geometric details.

Myth #4: You Can't Mix Vintage Rugs Because They Don't Match

The truth is - we'd never source matching rugs for a space anyway! Don't let the fact that you can't find a pair of matching vintage rugs hold you back from sourcing these beautiful pieces of art for your home. Stick with rugs of the same color palette or pattern for an easy way to mix rugs. If you want to go a step further, you can even mix complimentary styles for an unexpected look.

Myth #5: Vintage Rugs are Hard to Care For

Because of their low pile, vintage and antique rugs are actually incredibly easy to care for. To maintain its condition, vacuum with suction only (no bristles). When needed, use a white towel to dab up everything that you can, and then spot clean with water and a mild detergent like Woolite. If spot cleaning does not remove a stain, we recommend a professional cleaning. Never use a carpet cleaning machine to clean a vintage rug. Shake your rug out once every couple of months.


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