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  • Lindsey Borchard

North Ranch Project: Video Tour

Photography: Amy Bartlam | Videography: 618 Studios

It’s here! Our first official video tour – and we saved it for a really really good project. Video content is admittedly a bit out of my comfort zone. It can be scary and time-consuming, BUT our North Ranch Project is so beautiful, the only way to show you was to bring you inside.

Aside from creating our first ever video, this project is especially close to my heart because it’s one of my best friends’ home. We met when our first babies were just eight weeks old and have been family ever since. They are such huge supporters of my business, so getting to work together to create their dream space was such an immense honor. We have been planning this project for almost four years now, and we couldn’t be happier with the results..

The best part about this project? The clients have AMAZING taste. Designing for them was really fun because we were able to really push the boundaries and use pieces we have wanted to use for a while now. However, the challenge was combining their styles. She is more traditional and classic, while he leans towards contemporary and bold. We melded these two styles by making sure all the big pieces (sofas, beds, the dining table, wallpaper, etc.) were more traditional and timeless pieces that they will have for years to come. Then, we added more funky, bold accents to bring that contemporary edge he was wanting. Those modern, trendy pieces will be easy to swap out and mix up over time, without being a huge investment in the future. We created an overall color palette throughout the home to keep things cohesive but threw in bolder colors in some areas for an unexpected surprise.

I’m so excited to invite everyone in for the complete walk-through so you can get a real sense of the space. We’ll be taking you on our usual photo tours room by room over the next few weeks so you can really soak in the details. Until then, push play and step inside our North Ranch project!


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