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  • Lindsey Borchard

Our Playful Bromely Project Reveal

Well this project reveal has literally been written and rewritten about 5 times. It’s been a crazy month and I’m glad we are getting back on a normal routine over here. It’s crazy how helpful patterns and routine are to all of us in my household. How do we even manage without them??? Clearly we don’t.

My clients from the #bromelyproject happened to be a fellow La Costa Canyon Maverick Alum and happened to live in my best friend’s childhood home (which we learned about later). Showing me how small this world we live in actually is. They had this awesome little room smack down in the middle of their home. It originally was an atrium, then turned office (thanks to some knowledge from my best friend), then turned playroom. But they wanted to update it and create an awesome space for their two boys to learn and grow. I think we accomplished just that blending in everyone’s wants… Toy storage, custom built in, a place to hang and let creativity run wild. Take a peek and let me know what you liked best in the comments.


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