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  • Lindsey Borchard

Park Cottage Project: Part I

This space is particularly special to us for a few reasons.

This was our first not-for-family interior design project.

The client waited 3 years to do this room after moving into their home, so it was a significant moment for them.

It’s my best friend’s house.

The formal living room at our Park Cottage Project was one of the last rooms our client (my BFF) did at their home. In fashion true to her character, they designed and furnished all the rooms for the family and left this formal “adult” room to the end. It’s the first room you see when you enter their home, so we wanted it to make a big statement. Overall, we wanted to make a space for my client to escape to after a long day at work, a place to sit enjoy a glass of wine and have great conversation.

My clients have a deep love of the ocean, and we let that play a big role in the design. We wanted the room to feel organic while still having deep blues and cool colors running through. Because the family has young kids, we did a performance fabric on the sofa for any times the kids make their way into the room. However, we elevated the design by working with products that you typically wouldn’t see in a family room where kids often hang out. It’s a special room, so we selected truly unique pieces like the marble coffee table and blue stone console table to make the room feel luxe and sophisticated. The entire space is centered around this amazing statement light, which truly took the space to the next level.

Its so important when designing a space to really envision what its going to be used and to be realistic for the way a client lives. The end result is inviting, comfortable, polished, and costal. I think we accomplished exactly what she wanted.


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