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September Favorites

September always marks a season of change. Often our busiest time of the year at LBD, I’m balancing back-to-school stuff, fall sports, install time and fall markets. This month seems particularly crazy as I prepare to speak at The Haven Workshop and get our designs ready for the Christopher Kennedy Show House. Both events kick off the first week of October, which means September is all about preparation and delegation. I love our monthly favorites because it gives me a time to pause, reflect and focus on fun things for a bit. This month, here is what I’m loving.

Design: Lindsey Brooke Design Photography: Amy Bartlam

Design: Lindsey Brooke Design Photography: Amy Bartlam

Downloadable Art: We are obsessed with all things instant. Downloadable art is the quickest (and most affordable) way to get cute, cheap art quickly. Juniper Print Shop is a go-to for high quality, perfectly curated downloadable art. But Etsy is the holy grail – especially for kids spaces. We’ve used Etsy downloads in numerous projects and even our own office! Here are a few we love: one, two, three, four, five

Simply print at home or our favorite affordable printer – Costco. Opt for matte paper as it mimics high-quality archival prints. We’ve been loving these super affordable frames that come in a four pack for $46. They’re made of real wood, have the perfect modern design, and are a good size. I love that it’s an easy way to support artists and small businesses, while feeling like you get a good deal.

Vintage Rugs: As summer is officially over, I’m constantly inspired by fall’s warm, rich tones. The perfect way to transition your house to fall is by bringing in vintage rugs. We have a running stockpile here at LBD and are always on the hunt for more. A vintage rug is durable, eco-friendly (yay recycling!), and a great way to add texture and deep hues. A few favorites available now: one, two, three

Design: Lindsey Brooke Design Photography: Amy Bartlam

Scrunchies: I’m a 2 washes per week hair girl, and I make a blowout last with dry shampoo, top knots and my latest addiction, scrunchies. Scrunchies are back in a big way (like, they don’t damage your hair because it doesn’t get caught in the elastic) and they make a ponytail feel just a bit more cool. I blame it on the fact that I’m 90’s kid – duh.

Conair Fabric Shaver: I think it’s time that we come together as a community and admit that sofa pilling is a real thing. This handy tool has SAVED my couch. I use it once every 4-6 weeks on our most used upholstered pieces. It takes about 10 minutes to “shave” the pills and has the sofa looking brand new. Together, we’ll get through this.

Clothes: Since we never really get a fall here in Los Angeles, transitional pieces are my go-to for the season. Lots of layering pieces, long sleeves, and richer hues are how I update my fall wardrobe. This military jacket is perfect for adding a bit of structure over a flowy dress. I love sweatshirts that trick people into thinking they are sweaters (all about that comfort life) and cozy cardigans that make an outfit feel more complete.

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