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South Bay Project: Entry + Dining Room Reveal

I am super excited to begin sharing our recently-completed South Bay project! Revealed today on Rue Magazine, this young family filled out the inquiry form on our website and we installed the house almost one year to the day after that -- crazy! We worked through the pandemic to update their home, which is fairly new construction and just needed some cosmetic changes to bring it up to date and better reflect their style. This is their first home and they had begun making some changes, but needed help bringing it all together.

dining space

What we did:

The home was built in the 1990's and the flooring was a deep Cherry red color and the walls were mostly grey. Our clients came to us for the light, bright, layered look, so we knew we needed to replace the floors to get there. We ended up choosing a wide-plank luxury vinyl plank in a warm, light oak color, and painting most of the walls white.

Renovations can definitely have a domino effect, and that was the case here. Since we were updating all of the flooring, it made sense to also update the baseboards (they had to come off anyway) and the doors and door frames. Now the entire house is feels cohesive and current, and it's nice to take care of such extensive projects while the furnishings are out. We also furnished the entire home and swapped out lighting, hardware, and mirrors throughout.

entry console

Entry Way

The home does not have a separate entry, so we created a landing space as you come in the front door. We only really had one wall to work with, but I wanted to set the tone for the feel of the rest of the home and make a good first impression. Luckily, one of my favorite entry way formulas only needs one wall!

dark modern console table

We added a new, more modern light fixture and a console table with a mirror over it. I LOVE adding a mirror in an entry because it bounces light around and is just practical to have next to the door. Plus, it creates an instant focal point. The table we chose is super sleek with a dark finish and a lovely wood grain that really pops against the light floor and wall.

dining space reflected in mirror

Dining Space

The dining space is adjacent and was our biggest challenge of the project. The space is very small and is only defined by three walls, but we wanted to provide a full dining-room experience. We looked high and low for a VERY narrow sideboard (I think I looked at every one ever made under 15 inches deep!) so that the chairs could comfortably pull away from the table. Sure, we could have skipped this piece for the sake of space, but the clients needed the storage for entertaining items and without it, the room would have been filled with only "leggy" furniture.

side board with modern art

The one we chose has a pretty cerused finish, and we hung a big modern art piece above it. Normally, I would add a lamp or two on a sideboard but in such a tight space, I didn't want the clients to worry about knocking them over. We styled the sideboard with some cool ceramic pieces instead.

dining space with white curtains

Privacy isn't an issue here, so we added stationary drapery panels for warmth and to give the room the illusion of more height. This is a very easy, and relatively inexpensive, way to make any room feel complete, and it certainly did the trick here. The dining table we chose is one of my favorites (we even have it in the Studio) and we paired it with a stunning set of chairs. I love the handle detail on the back, and that they are a good mix with a wood frame plus the comfort of upholstery.

I think we achieved our goals of an updated, light, pretty space, don't you? If you would like some help pulling your space together, we invite you to fill out our inquiry form. Or, get in touch with our Westlake Village Studio for some one-on-one sessions with a member of our team by calling 805-371-3222. Stay tuned in the next few weeks as we reveal the rest of this home!

Photos by Public 311


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