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  • Lindsey Borchard

Teenage Boys Bedroom: North Ranch Project

Tonight we’re back at our North Ranch Project and this time with one of my favorite bedrooms we’ve ever designed! As we mentioned in our video tour, our clients’ eldest son is a musician. His bedroom is located directly across the foyer from the formal living room where he pays piano – he super lucked out + has the only bedroom on the first floor! Because of its public visibility, our clients wanted his room to be elevated and grown up but still show his personality.

To give it a layered, casual look, we focused on lots of texture with these woven leather stools, geometric rug, striped bedding and moody throw pillows. To maximize storage, we sourced these gorgeous sage green dressers as bedside tables and funked them up a little with hardwired mid-century inspired wall sconces.

As a musician, it was super important we focused on his favorite music, so we framed his favorite album covers. To keep his creativity rolling, we hung this McGee + Co. flag “Creativity Takes Courage” above his bed. I love how his passion for music is consistently yet subtly woven through the space that feels grown up with tons of personality.

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