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The Ultimate Hardware Roundup

The perfect hardware can elevate even the most basic cabinetry. It's one of the most cost-effective updates you can make in a space. Beautiful hardware can be the key to elevating stock cabinetry and making it feel much more custom. The Lindsey Brooke Design team has a few tips + tricks for selecting hardware, whether we're designing an entirely custom kitchen or renovating a small guest bath with a retail vanity. Scroll through for our favorite cabinet knobs and drawer pulls and major hardware inspo.

Tips for Selecting Hardware


  1. Don't be afraid to mix metals. Our rule of thumb is to keep all plumbing hardware matching and swapping the finish of the cabinet hardware.

  2. Avoid drawer pulls with too much overhang. It's an easy thing to overlook, but when hardware has an extended handle, it can easily hook onto your clothes while cooking. We always opt for a sleeker profile.

  3. Bigger is usually better. When it comes to hardware, a more prominent handle or knob is usually going to make the most impact.

  4. Have it professionally installed. Unless you're replacing hardware that fits the previously drilled holes exactly, always have your hardware professionally installed. It's a very affordable task and it

Black Hardware: Why We Love It


Black hardware continues to prove it's timeless, modern appeal. The trick to getting black hardware right is always making sure it's a true matte black. Black hardware with any sheen to it instantly feels cheaper. If you want black hardware to feel a little less "expected", opt for a cool geometric shape, small fluted details, or a super sleek minimal profile. We've rounded up our favorite black cabinet knobs and drawer pulls below - perfect for kitchen, bathrooms and built-ins alike.

Shop Our Favorite Black Hardware


Brass Hardware: Why We Love It


Brass is an undeniable favorite, that's so much more than just a trend. Our clients often ask how to incorporate brass in our signature, California casual way without making it feel formal or traditional. A lot of it has to do with the style of cabinetry it's paired with: a clean shaker style works perfectly with a crisp brass drawer pull. A few things to consider when it comes to brass finishes: unlacquered brass will change color over time, being darker and more dull. It's most often used in traditional style kitchens with other "living finishes" like natural marble. If you want your brass to remain bright and shiny, go with a polished brass finish. It will always look fresh and sparkling.

Shop Brass Hardware


Chrome & Nickel Hardware: Why We Love It


Silver-toned hardware might be taking a back seat right now when it comes to trending designs, but don't be so quick to write it off. Polished nickel is the perfect blend of cool and warm tones and I think we're going to be seeing way more of this timeless finish moving forward. Here at Lindsey Brooke Designs, we will always opt for polished over brushed to keep it feeling contemporary and add an extra layer of metallic sparkle. Because of its neutral temperature, polished nickel makes it the perfect option for mixing metals in a space.

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