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  • Lindsey Borchard

Trend Alert: Woven Furnishings

Woven furnishings and accessories have been a staple in design for decades, and here at the beach it has definitely not ever quite been "out." But it is certainly having a bit of a moment now, and I'm seeing it used everywhere from laid-back beach towns to tony suburban neighborhoods. Woven goods bring that all-important element of texture, without which even the prettiest room can fall a little flat. The natural fibers of rattan, jute, seagrass, and more have such a warm color tone, that they instantly make a room feel more at ease, and they play nicely with other wood tones across the spectrum from light to dark. If we haven't convinced you yet, check out some of the ways we have incorporated woven elements in some of our past projects.

cozy living space with woven chairs

Photo by Amy Bartlam

Statement Furnishings

These woven slipper chairs are so cool, they look amazing from every angle! When a room is this big and needs this many pieces of furniture, having every piece be upholstered in fabric can be a little, well, boring, and these chairs are anything but that! We chose a braided jute rug and chunky seagrass tray in here too, which brings some much needed texture and warmth to contrast with the sleek architecture and create a cozy spot that is perfect for relaxing.

dining room with black and caned chairs

Photo by Amy Bartlam


Caned furnishings have been around forever, and for good reason. It's such an intricate detail that can be appreciated both up close and from a distance and is a fun way to introduce a little note of informality to a more formal space. Imagine if these dining chairs (from our Brentwood Project's dining room) were simply upholstered -- they would feel much more formal. The room already had a lot of pretty traditional millwork, so the chairs, paired with a casual table and modern chandelier keep it feeling fresh and young.

Photo by Amy Bartlam

Wrapped Furniture

I absolutely love this coffee table (in our Palisades Project's living room), which is a really simple and modern shape, but is wrapped in braided jute. Of course a metal, stone, or wood coffee table would have been fine in this space, but this one really brings the wow factor! This is the more formal of the living spaces in the home and is directly across the entryway from a stunning office space that is painted gray from floor-to-ceiling, so adding a really organic, textural moment here helps keep the rooms from feeling too slick.

Photo by Amy Bartlam


In our Beach-to-the-Burbs project, the dining room design was feeling pretty sleek with the simple upholstered chairs, squared-off table, and monochromatic rug, so adding five woven baskets instead of the expected chandelier gives the room a more casual vibe. This project was all about bringing a little of that laid-back beachy feel into the new home in the suburbs, and this room really highlights that juxtaposition.


Of course, the easiest way to incorporate this trend into your space is through smaller goods. Woven vessels like baskets and trays are a fantastic way to add texture in that last styling layer, and they are so useful. Large baskets can hold throw blankets or toys, and smaller lidded baskets can stash your husband's remote control collection out of the way. We've stocked our Studio with tons of woven small goods -- we even have rattan-wrapped glassware, which is perfect for stylish summer gatherings.

If you are local to the Westlake Village, California area, be sure you are following us on Instagram or via email for the latest on our in-person shopping hours.


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