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Working with Long-Distance Clients

Good design is not exclusive to one location, and through our long-distance design services, we can bring our signature laid-back California vibe to your home — no matter its location.

California casual living room

From new construction to renovations of all scales to custom furniture plans, our services are available nation-wide. We aim for a turn-key experience for every client, which means that we cover all aspects of a space including flooring, millwork and custom cabinetry, lighting, plumbing, furnishing and accessories — down to the very last fork in the drawer. Thanks to exciting new technologies and our efficient 12-step process, designing across the miles has never been easier.

Long-distance design is not fundamentally different that designing a local project, but it does present some unique challenges and require some extra organization and flexibility. A long-distance client should be prepared for travel expenses, shipping expenses, and the possibility of more design hours. Here’s how it will work.

Anyone interested in our services is invited to fill out a design inquiry. Once we all decide to move forward, the first step will be a discovery meeting to measure the space and take extensive before photos. We prefer to do this with at least one member of our team present if the project is not new construction. It may seem tedious, but the design outcome is much better if we can get an accurate feel for the scale, lighting, and existing colors in the space. We also need comprehensive measurements of the space if full plans are not available.

Designer Lindsey Borchard works on an inspiration board

Next, we’ll gather information on the client’s every need and want and welcome any inspiration they bring to the table. Many clients seek us out for our use of bold textiles and earthy textures combined with sleek, contemporary elements, but our primary objective is for the personality of each client to be represented in our work. Our team will source every product, draw floorpans and elevations, and fully flesh out the design of the space in preparation for the design presentation.

This can be done either in-person through travel, or virtually. If in-person is not an option, we will prepare a comprehensive package that includes extensive samples to go along with our design boards. We want every client to feel confident about each decision that is made, whether or not they are able to visit our showroom floor. We will accommodate the client's schedule for this virtual presentation -- even stretching it over several days if necessary. We aim for a true collaboration between the design team and our clients, so after some revisions and final approval of the design plan, it’s time to move forward.

During the implementation phases, our long-distance clients have the opportunity to take a more hands-on approach by making themselves available to assist with the project management. This could mean meeting trades and subcontractors and being available to communicate specific needs or details over FaceTime. Our project manager will handle many of the logistics to keep the project on time and on budget, and we are open to hiring local help if necessary. Our design software system allows every client access to invoices, proposals, and other important documents, keeping them in the loop throughout the project.

Open shelving in Navy Street project

Once it is time for installation, we bring the design concept from paper — or computer screen! — to life and style the spaces down the smallest detail. Installation for long-distance clients typically has a tighter timeline in order to keep travel expenses at a minimum, which means an extra level of organization and preparation is necessary.

Large items will be sent to a local receiver, but many of the smaller items will be gathered at our studio in West Lake Village, CA and then shipped in bulk. We have found it helpful to make extensive styling plans ahead of time, which reduces the number of products to ship as well as time spent styling during the installation. Every detail — from the order products should be unloaded to the tasks for the on-site handyman — will be covered in a spreadsheet to ensure that the installation goes as efficiently as possible.

We want our process to be an enjoyable one, and feel confident that we have systems in place to make long-distance design a pleasant experience. To inquire about any of our services and find out if Lindsey Brooke Design is a good fit for your project, please submit a design inquiry and a member of our team will be in touch soon.


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