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South Bay Project: Beds + Baths Reveal

Today we have the final reveal of our South Bay Project. This home was fairly new construction, and our clients brought us in to help bring their vision of a casual, cool family home to life. To create the perfect neutral base, we replaced dark, dated flooring throughout, painted everything and added new doors and trim, and then updated the fixtures and furnishings. It wasn't an extensive renovation, but the difference is like night and day!

bedroom with gray upholstered bed by Lindsey Brooke Design

The primary bedroom is located just off the main family room, so it was important that it felt really cohesive with the overall layered, casual design of the rest of the home. We wanted to mix masculine and feminine materials and colors, so we started with a tall wingback bed upholstered in a textured charcoal fabric. Then, we layered in lots of pretty textiles on the bed and curvy pieces like the lamps and desk chair to soften it up (psst -- here are my tips for making a perfectly layered bed).

desk area in bedroom by Lindsey Brooke Design

Our clients needed desk space somewhere in the house and we chose the bedroom so that it could be in a more private spot than one of the main living areas. The darker finish on the desk contrasts nicely with the other casegoods in the room, but recalls that charcoal color in the rug and on the upholstered headboard. The woven chair has some curves, so it brings in some more of that softer, more feminine element. The art and pattern also lean to the soft and feminine side, while the furnishings are all pretty clean-lined.

desk area in bedroom by Lindsey Brooke Design

The gorgeous white oak dresser was a splurge but rightfully so -- it's a total show stopper, which is exactly what we wanted since it can be viewed from the family room when the bedroom door is open. Our clients wanted a television in here, so we opted for a Samsung Frame, which can be set to look like a piece of art when it is not in use. Again, this felt like a worthy splurge so that the view from outside the room isn't into a giant black box. It's also a lot of fun to be able to switch out a large piece of art as the mood or seasons change!

white bathroom by Lindsey Brooke Design

In the en suite bathroom, we updated the hardware, lights, and mirrors and added decor. Since the space is mostly white with light stone, we mixed several hardware finishes to give it some warmth and personality, while still maintaining that soft, spa-like feeling.

bedroom with upholstered bed by Lindsey Brooke Design

Our clients needed a peaceful retreat for their guests, and even though it isn't a large space, we were still able to create a well-appointed room for relaxing. We stuck with the same overall palette of muted blues and greens that we used in the rest of the home, but went with extra soothing shades and plenty of soft, organic textures.

It seems a little counter-intuitive to use such a large bed in a smaller space, but actually, playing with the scale of the furnishings can help a smaller room feel bigger. But, we were careful to choose a fabric color for the channel-tufted headboard that is just a few shades darker than the wall color to keep the big piece from feeling overwhelming.

bedroom with black dresser by Lindsey Brooke Design

The dark dresser paired with a bold piece of art adds a lot of depth and mood to the light palette. Again, we choose one large piece of art to make a statement and draw the eye up, rather than a gallery of smaller items that might have felt cluttered or busy in the small room.

gray and white bathroom by Lindsey Brooke Design

The guest bath is similar in feeling and finishes to the primary bath, but with moody gray cabinets. We choose the black, brass, and polished nickel fixtures again, and added a vintage-inspired runner instead of plain bath mats to bring in some color and texture.

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