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  • Lindsey Borchard

Our Favorite Kitchen Materials

As the heart of the home -- and one of the most expensive and complicated spaces to renovate -- getting a kitchen right can feel stressful. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for every kitchen, but there are elements and materials that we use in different iterations over and over again to create a beautiful, functional space.

kitchen with white cabinets and oak island by Lindsey Brooke Design

Warm Wood Tones

A kitchen is a space full of sleek surfaces, so they desperately need texture for warmth. I've loving the trend back toward using wood finishes in kitchens, and I think they are better than ever with stunning wood grain and beautiful natural colors. I like to keep wood pieces pretty simple in design -- no need for cutesey or elaborate details, this is time to let the materials speak for themselves. If my clients are into it, I like to use a mix of painted and wood cabinetry, like the stunning custom island in the North Ranch kitchen. If that doesn't work, we can incorporate a few wood shelves, and at the very least, use wood pieces like cutting boards and dough bowls when styling.

kitchen with brass pendant lights by Lindsey Brooke Design

Brass Accents

I always like to mix two, if not three, metal finishes in a kitchen, but that almost always includes a warm brass tone. It's a classic material that looks better with age and always adds a note of elegance. Brass pairs well will with chrome or bronze because they have warm undertones, and even if a super modern matte black hardware is the right choice for the cabinetry, a little brass somewhere will go a long way. I especially like it in lighting, because it pops against most cabinet colors without being stark.

custom pantry cabinetry by Lindsey Brooke Design

Custom Cabinetry

This is my #1 must-have for that high-end kitchen look and function. Going custom means well-made materials and a level of craftsmanship that can't be replicated and THAT is what gives a new kitchen longevity and a timeless style that transcends trends. Another benefit is the ability to completely customize the storage so that it fits the clients' exact needs. Got a collection of cake platters or a hundred different spice jars or a dozen small appliances? We can create a place for anything! However, if it simply isn't in the budget, there are exceptions and we have done some successful renovations with stock cabinetry (check out our Blazing Star project kitchen for proof).

kitchen with green cabinets by Lindsey Brooke Design

Statement Moment

Plain and simple, every kitchen needs a "wow" moment! There are lots ways to execute one, our most-used being a beautiful backsplash (either a stone slab or a gorgeous tile), a modern waterfall counter, or a big, bold range hood. In almost every kitchen, we choose high-style barstools, a shapely faucet (especially when centered under a bank of windows -- swoon!), or dramatic lighting. An out-of-the-box cabinetry color is another statement maker, like the dark forest green in our Dallas Project.

I'm thinking about...

We're always looking for new ways to bring our signature refined coastal style to life, and here is what is catching my eye.

  • wood-planked ceilings

  • cabinet details like fluting and reeding

  • natural stone with lots of movement

  • adding more color -- even unexpected ones like red

  • the quiet simplicity of European kitchens

  • subtle textured wall treatments like plaster and lime wash

If you have a kitchen renovation coming up and would like our help, get in touch by filling out a design inquiry.


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